Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet CJ weekly contest is smiles this week.  I entered because I absolutely love this picture I took of CJ.  It really captures his sweet smile.  Instead of the typical big cheesy smile I usually get.  I love him either way.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What I have learned about taking pictures.

1.  I love it.

2. When in doubt turns the lights off or close the shutters a little bit.  The picture will usually come out better. 

 light on, blah and washed out

 lights off, much more vibrant

3. My children are the best subjects.  I just wish I could get a good picture of them together.  They are always running in different directions. 

4.  My new lens.  I may be in a bit over my head.  I call her BIG Mama.  She is heavy but she sure takes a nice picture.

5.  It's difficult to get a good picture.  Take pictures every single day.  I always leave my camera out on my counter.    

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am speaking of Aiden and his new found independence.  This independence comes with the newly acquired abilities to climb up onto chairs, the couch and step-stools, open doors and help one's self to food in the pantry.    Also has come his disdain for high chairs at home or in restaurants.   I am trying to embrace his new found independence but it does result in numerous protests.   But more importantly, some adorable moments for capturing.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mommy job decription.

Sippy cup washer  

Diaper changer

Bath giver

Mess cleaner upper

Washer of little hands

Food supplier

(I am noticing a cleaning theme here.)

Most important:  Example  
Children do what you do and sayNot what you tell them to do.   I need to be reminded of this daily.  It is my constant prayer throughout my day to be that Godly example for my children.   I love my job and honored that God trusted me with these boys.   


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A translation of sorts...

My husband in from a small town in upstate SC and he has what is commonly referred to as a "country accent."  Not to be confused with the very distinct and proper "Charleston accent," or the "I moved here from the north 10 years accent."  When I first met my dear husband, I was a 1st year Grad. Student and he was a 4th year Medical Student.  At that time, I had some trouble deciphering exactly what he was saying.  I call it the "5 second delay."  Meaning, you realize what he said approximately 5 seconds after he spoke it.  I have witnessed the 5 second delay when he talking to others at times.  It is quite funny. Sometimes I step in and translate for my NY family and friends.   My husband and I like to affectionately tease each other about our unique accents. 

A few examples:

pen with country accent = piiin 

 pill with country accent = peeeel

There are also some phrases and foods I had never spoken nor eaten prior to moving South.

Making pictures = taking pictures

okra (love it)
Collards (ok so I don't really eat them)
black-eyed peas
Macaroni pie (aka macaroni and cheese, which is considered a vegetable down here)

 (It will be interesting to see what the boys accents will be like.)