Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A translation of sorts...

My husband in from a small town in upstate SC and he has what is commonly referred to as a "country accent."  Not to be confused with the very distinct and proper "Charleston accent," or the "I moved here from the north 10 years accent."  When I first met my dear husband, I was a 1st year Grad. Student and he was a 4th year Medical Student.  At that time, I had some trouble deciphering exactly what he was saying.  I call it the "5 second delay."  Meaning, you realize what he said approximately 5 seconds after he spoke it.  I have witnessed the 5 second delay when he talking to others at times.  It is quite funny. Sometimes I step in and translate for my NY family and friends.   My husband and I like to affectionately tease each other about our unique accents. 

A few examples:

pen with country accent = piiin 

 pill with country accent = peeeel

There are also some phrases and foods I had never spoken nor eaten prior to moving South.

Making pictures = taking pictures

okra (love it)
Collards (ok so I don't really eat them)
black-eyed peas
Macaroni pie (aka macaroni and cheese, which is considered a vegetable down here)

 (It will be interesting to see what the boys accents will be like.)

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