Saturday, February 27, 2010

Top Five!

I have an idea to keep my blog posts simple.  A daily top five list (ok, maybe semi-daily).  
Man, would I love to have a follower or two.  Patience is a virtue.

Top Five Things
I have made in my own kitchen this week.  

1. Homemade Pound Cake (Ms. Judy's Recipe).
Try a slice toasted with butter.  It's a  beautiful thing. Moderation is the key.  After all there a reason it's called pound cake.  

2. Tomato basil pizza with whole wheat crust.
Perfecting my pizza making skills thanks to two great recipes from nienie and Ree

3. Chicken pot-pie for 20 people.  A healthy recipe that tastes great too. Get the recipe here.  So easy and comforting.  My modification: Add only 3 instead of 4 cups stock and be sure to add some black pepper.  Try making your own pie crust for the top.  It makes a big difference.       

4. Low fat plain yogurt with granola and sliced banana.  
A low-calorie filling snack that tastes great.  I told you moderation is the key.

5. Peanut Butter and Jelly on Honey Wheat bread.  ( for C.J.'s lunch)

A simple 5-year-old's favorite. 

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